Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Development & History of Electronic Cigarettes

Developed in 2003, the electronic cigarette is still a relatively new development, especially considering the long history of its tobacco progenitor! The e cig was born in China, where its creator, Hon Lik, wanted a smoking alternative to the traditional cigarette.

Lik, a pharmacist, inventor, and avid smoker, created the very first electronic cigarette model and presented it to the company for which he worked, Golden Dragon Holdings who recognized a golden idea when they saw it and immediately began developing the device. Shortly thereafter, the company renamed themselves Ruyan, a word meaning “like smoke” in Chinese. Today, Ruyan is still one of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world.

Businessman Greg Carson is typically credited with introducing personal vaporizers and e cigs to the Western world after their initial success in Asia. By 2006, the electronic cigarette had arrived in Europe where it quickly gained popularity in the UK and other nations; in fact, their success was so enormous that the British parliament had to pass legislation legalizing the use of electronic cigarettes in public!

In recent years, ecigs have been available in the U.S via a variety of online outlets and stores. The success of e cigarettes online has been stupendous, and via word of mouth and the endorsement of celebs who love their personal vaporizers, the electronic cigarette is taking the U.S by storm!

In recent years, much of the media attention has revolved around the debate about whether electronic cigarettes are less damaging than traditional cigarettes. Although the jury is still out, many national and global health organizations have stated views from both ends of the spectrum. For example, although the World Health Organization proclaimed that e cigs are not viable smoking cessation tools, a study by Health New Zealand identified extremely low levels of toxicants in e cigs, such that they fall below harmful levels, and deemed these products a safer alternative to smoking.

Today, a variety of e cig manufacturers populate the industry, offering everything from small, disposable cigarette models to all inclusive kits. The market has also expanded to offer a huge variety of flavored liquids for your e cigarette – from apple to coffee to classic menthol. Any smoker can find the perfect cigarette and flavor at the right price, especially with the huge selection of e cigarettes online.