Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Top 5 Most Popular Electronic Cigarette Flavors!

One of the most exciting aspects of vaping is the personalization of your e cigarette. No matter what type of smoker you are – frequent or casual – you can find the right style of e cigarette, and since e cigs are available in a variety of sizes and colors (the pink Joyetech eGo anybody?) you can make sure that your personal vaporizer will stand out in the crowd just as much as you do!

The best way to maximize your vaping experience is to select the flavors you like most for your electronic cigarette. Our customers love our huge selection of e cig liquids from top brands like Dekang, Americano and High Caliber. Between these three e liquid manufacturers, we have over 100 unique, delicious flavors from which to choose! Here are some of our customer’s favorite flavors, maybe you can discover something new for you too!

High Caliber Banana Split

Many of our sweeter, fruit and candy flavors are popular as dessert substitutions amongst our customers. Pop in our delicious banana split e liquid by High Caliber and enjoy a tasty, calorie-free, after-dinner luxury!

High Caliber Smooth Cuban

Love the taste of a quality Cuban cigar but hate the smell? Love the rich flavors but hate the rich price? Our Cuban-inspired flavored e liquid from High Caliber gives you that full-bodied cigar aroma and flavor without the expense, the stench, or the legality concerns! Fans of this delicious, robust electronic cigarette liquid swear they can’t even taste the difference from the original!

Dekang USAMix

The classic, earthy taste of American tobacco comes alive in this hearty e liquid by Dekang. We love the wholesome, gritty flavor of this e liquid and so do our customers – this has been a consistently popular flavor for months. If you love this aromatic, spicy tobacco e liquid, we also recommend the Dekang Dark Tobacco e liquid.

High Caliber American 55

Much like the Americano Tobacco we previously mentioned, this vaping liquid hones in on the complex flavors of classic American tobacco. Many of us who vape prefer the classic flavors of cigarettes for our personal vaporizers instead of the more adventurous flavors which is what makes the American 55 such a delight.

Dekang Cool Menthol

Inspired by the classic taste of traditional menthol cigarettes, this crisp, cool menthol e liquid is one of our top sellers during the hot summer months. A perfect vaping option when it’s warm outside, the Cool Menthol by Dekang offers a refreshing way to enjoy your personal vaporizer. Mint has long been used as a palate cleanser and we recommend this as an excellent option for an after-dinner palate cleanser!