Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Atomizers Versus Cartomizers

What’s the Difference Between an Atomizer and a Cartomizer?

In the e-cig world, a few pieces of electronic cigarette jargon are needed to make informed ecig purchase decisions. Atomizers, “attys,” and cartomizers, “cartridges” or “carts,” are very different components of an electronic cigarette and should not be used simultaneously. Read this informative comparison on e-cigarettes atomizers and cartomizers to decide which component works best for your vaping needs.
Any electronic cigarette needs three parts: a battery, a heating device and a place for e-liquid. In both the two-piece and the three-piece ecig models, all three parts to an ecig are represented.
In a two-piece ecig model, the cartomizer encompasses the heating device and the liquid storage in one piece. The cartomizer then attaches to the battery for easy vaping.
In a three-piece model, all three parts (the battery, the heating device and the liquid holder) come as separate components. The atomizer (the heating device) attaches to the cartridge (the e-liquid holder) as well as to the battery.
Cartomizers were created by manufacturers as a two-in-one atomizer/cartridge set because of the high cost of replacing atomizers. Cartomizers were designed to be quick and easy ways to vape because of their disposability and cheap price tag. Many cartomizers come prefilled and are available for immediate vaping because of their simple assemblage; then, when the cartomizer runs out of liquid, just toss out the cartomizer and snap on a new one. Cartomizers are growing in popularity partially because some ecig vapers have found ways to lengthen the life of a cartomizer. A huge perk to using cartomizers is their capacity for 250% more liquid than an atomizer, which lengthens the time of a vape session. The main reason cartomizers are disposable is due to the inability to refill their liquid, but there are ways around that. Many e-cigarette pros have been trying various methods to refill a cartomizer without wasting e-liquid. A common method is using an e-cig cartridge condom to push liquid into the cartomizer. Check out this video on using the cartridge condom method to refill cartomizers.
In theory, an atomizer and cartridge set last longer than a cartomizer, which explains their higher price tag. Atomizers on general have a lifespan of a few months and require periodic cleaning to prevent e-liquid backup. When the atomizer burns out and stops producing vapor, it is time to buy a replacement. This burn out and purchase represents one of the few recurring costs with electronic cigarettes. In a few forums on e-cigarettes, a couple participants noted that atomizers are ideal for trying out new ecig liquid flavors as they hold less liquid and cartridges with different flavors can be switched out.
So, what are the pros and cons for atomizers and cartomizers?

  • Pros: cheaper, holds more liquid, can be reused, easier to assemble

  • Cons: not as easy to try out new flavors, disposable

  • Atomizers

  • Pros: better flavor, good for dripping, last longer

  • Cons: more expensive, harder to assemble

  • For a starter electronic smoker, we recommend the Joye EGO Starter Kit, which features the three-piece ecig model (with an atty) or for a cartomizer, check out our cartomizer selection that features blank and pre-filled cartomizers.