Wednesday, April 17, 2013

E-Cig Clearomizers - The Next Big Thing in Electronic Cigarettes

The most convenient type of electronic cigarette is a two-piece with a cartomizer: a cartridge and atomizer combined. A cartomizer can hold enough liquid to last for many hours without needing a refill. Clearomizer is a type of cartomizer that, as the name implies, are made of a completely clear plastic to allow the user to see when the e-liquid is low and when it needs to be refilled. Thus, you can eliminate any guesswork of refilling completely and have your ecig ready to go whenever you want.

kanger 510 clearomizer for ecigs

As mentioned, clearomizers offer the most convenience in knowing exactly the amount of eliquid in your cartridge. With it, there is no guessing that you might need a refill, and no worries about filling an cartomizer with liquid, only to have it die completely while still partially full. They are designed a bit differently than cartomizers and should not be filled in exactly the same way. It takes a bit of getting used to, due to their design but once you use them, you will love them.

To fill a clearomizer, remove the mouthpiece and fill it with liquid, being careful not to fill the center hole as it is one of the most common beginner mistakes. To avoid is accidentally getting liquid into the center hole of the clearomizer, use an eliquid syringe to fill with precision. Some brands have markings in milliliters to help in filling.

Clearomizers are available for a variety of electronic cigarettes that can use cartomizers. Most can hold approximately 1 ml of liquid, resulting in all-day vaping for an average e-cigarette user. Tank clearomizers are also available which has a larger tank capacity. Some of the popular brands available are Vision Clearomizer, Vision Vivi Nova tanks, Kanger Tech Clearomizers, and Vape only clearomizer tanks.

Before you try a clearomizer, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  1. They are obviously not for someone who wants their e-cigarette to look like a real cigarette. They are among the least attractive e-cigarette options, but this is a trade-off for the convenience and performance they provide.
  2. They are known for superior vapor production. If you’ve used cartomizers, you know that in addition to their convenience, they perform extremely well.  They use the same technology as cartomizers, with a combined atomizer and cartridge.
  3. When purchasing a clearomizer, ensure that it is compatible with your e-cigarette. Always read product description details before purchasing.
  4. Because they are made of plastic, clearomizers are more susceptible to cracking than regular cartomizers or cartridges. You should handle them gently. 
vision ego clearomizers for electronic cigarettes

With proper handling and refilling practices, clearomizers provide tremendous amounts of vapor with less hassle than regular cartomizers or cartridges. While they may not be pretty, experienced e-cigarette users who value performance and hassle-free vaping will find clearomizers to be the superior choice for their electronic cigarettes.