Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Refill Your E-Cigarettes with E-Liquid

E-cigarettes are becoming an increasing popular way to get a nicotine buzz without smoking. These convenient devices contain a special e-liquid that produces a smokeless vapor when inhaled. You can choose between electronic cigarettes that come with pre-filled e-liquid cartridges or a reusable e-cig where you can refill the e-liquid. Refilling your own e-cigarette can be tricky to a novice, but it helps save money and allows you to experiment with different flavors. Here is an easy how-to guide to refilling electronic cigarettes with e-liquid from the convenience of your home.

There are two popular methods to refill e-cigarettes with e-liquids
  • Drip Method
  • Injection Method

Drip Method for Refilling E-Liquids

The items needed for this method are e-liquid and a dripper. This method is a bit more difficult as it requires patience and a good amount of time.
  1. Open the cartridge and remove the polyester filling.
  2. Using the dripper, extract the e-liquid from its bottle and add a few drop of it into the cartridge.
  3. Gently place the filling back in to the cartridge and wait for it to soak the e-liquid.
  4. Repeat the above 3 steps until the filling is completely soaked.
  5. Close the cartridge.
  6. The cartridge is ready for use.

Injection Method for Refilling E-Liquids

The items needed are e-liquid and e-liquid syringe. This method is easier as the needle gives a bit more precision which can help avoid spills and makes extracting the e-liquid easier.
  1. Using a tweezer, remove the white rubber cap of the cartridge.
  2. Use the syringe without the needle to extract the e-liquid  from the bottle.
  3. Replace the needle back on to the syringe.
  4. Insert the syringe into the middle of cartridge till it touch the bottom of the cartridge.
  5. Dispense the e-liquid with the syringe while making sure the e-liquid doesn’t overflow.
  6. Replace the rubber cap on to the cartridge.
  7. The cartridge is ready for use.

Tips for Refilling Your E-liquid

  • The amount of e-cigarette liquid needed to fill a cartridge is completely up to your discretion; you will need to experiment to find the amount that gives you the most satisfying taste.
  • Mixing different liquids can be a great way to customize the flavor of the liquid; in addition, different liquids contain varying levels of nicotine.

E-cigarettes, while not yet officially considered a "smoke cessation aid", are a great supplement or replacement to cigarette smoking. The vapor provides a satisfying throat hit without the need for inhaling harmful tobacco smoke. Now, with e-liquid replacement, there is an easier and more affordable way to keep those e-cigarettes producing satisfying vapor for weeks to months on end.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet the New Line of JoyeTech E-Cig Products

Joyetech, the premier electronic cigarette manufacturer recently released two new e-cig products - the Joyetech eRoll and the Joyetech eVic. The interesting part is how these two are almost complete opposites. The eRoll is an entry level electronic cigarette whereas the eVic is intended for the more experienced vapor smoker. This blog explores the features of both electronic cigarettes to help you decide which electronic cigarette is right for you.

Joyetech eRoll Electronic Cigarette 

Joyetech eRoll electronic cigarette Starter Kit

The eRoll is supposed to be a fairly simple electronic cigarette that anyone can use and is ideal for beginners. The people who buy this kind of starter kit are usually switching over to vapor from tobacco cigarettes. With its slim design, the eRoll is a mini electronic cigarette with a good strong flavor and a noticeable throat hit. It is light weight and small making it perfect for people who would like to carry it on them at all times. It has a 90 mAh battery with output voltage of 3.7V. This means that it is good for about 45 minutes of puffing. The eRoll starter kit comes with a second battery which means one can switch to that for uninterrupted puffing. Joyetech also offers portable charging case which can recharge a dead battery roughly ten times on one charge and is about the size of a smart phone. This is great because you can simply slip the eRoll into the case and let it charge any time you're not using it. Thanks to the pack's small size, you won't feel encumbered carrying it around.

The Joyetech eRoll starter kit comes with the following:

  • e-Roll 1090mah Smart PCC Type "A" Atomizer Heads (2 no.)
  • e-Roll 90mah Auto Batteries (2 no.)
  • Tank Carts, .6ml (2 no.)
  • e-Roll Atomizer Cone Silicone Cart Caps (3 no.)
  • USB Charging Cable USB/Wall Charging Adapter
  • User Instruction Manual

Joyetech eVic Electronic Cigarette

The eVic, on the other hand, is intended for veterans of vapor smoking. It is capable of attaching several standard types of atomizers or tanks depending on one’s preference. This means you can continue to use the type of mouthpiece you are comfortable with, in most cases. The real point of interest, however, is the built in control system. The eVic uses a small built in screen, button, and selector wheel to allow you full control over your smoking experience. You can change the atomizer's voltage or amperage, how many puffs you're allowing yourself a day, or any number of other features on the fly. It is extremely user friendly and you can easily manage the different functions using the MVR 1.0 management software when you plug the e-cig into your computer to charge. The voltage on the eVic can be adjusted from 3V to 5V and uses a replaceable 18650 battery. It is compatible with a variety of atomizers including 510, eGo, eGo-T and eGo-C.
Joyetech eVic electronic cigarette Starter Kit

The Joyetech eVic starter kit comes with the following:
  • eVic electronic cigarette "Control Head assembly, and Battery Tube"
  • Samsung 2600mAh 18650 battery
  • USB charging and firmware update cable
  • 110 VAC usb wall adapter (for charging in wall outlet)
  • User manual
  • MyVaporRecord software instructions

Whether you are a novice with electronic cigarettes or an expert user, Joyetech has some great products for every type of e-smoker. And Lite Cig USA is excited to offer the latest selection of electronic cigarettes for its customers.