Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liqua Premium Italian Flavored E-Liquids

Liqua Premium Italian Flavored E-LiquidLiqua Smoke Juice is meticulously formulated by some of the best flavorists in the world. Each flavor, be it berry, citrus, menthol or coffee, further enhances any vaping experience. Some flavors are exotic and mimic the taste of your favorite foods like Tiramisu and apple. While others mimic more traditional cigarette flavors like menthol and Turkish tobacco. Additionally, all Liqua e-liquid flavors are approved by renowned flavor specialists in Italy.

Furthermore, rather than continually replacing your old electronic cigarette cartridges, simply refill them. All Liqua e-liquids are sold in perfectly-sized 10 ml squeezable bottles. The silicone spouts found on all Liqua Smoke Juice bottles easily fit into any standard e-cig cartridge too. Each bottle is also made of a high strength, yet soft food grade plastic that will not break or leak. Liqua e-liquid bottles also feature a childproof cap, keeping your e-liquid out of the reach of curious hands.

Liqua E-LiquidsLiqua e-liquids themselves are made from nicotine, natural flavors and food grade glycolics. All ingredients used in Liqua e-liquids also withstand the highest standards of production set forth by United States Pharmacopeia. Additionally, Liqua e-liquids only use the purest Nicotine that’s protected from oxidation during the production process and contains no trace tobacco.

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Nitelitevapor E-liquid

NiteLiteVapor E-LiquidElectronic cigarettes use a special liquid commonly referred to as e-liquid or e-juice. However, not all e-liquids are created equal and that's why NiteLiteVapor has gone through great lengths to bring you the highest quality e-liquid on the market today.

What’s unique about NiteLiteVapor e-liquid is that each ingredient is USP Grade Kosher Certified. NiteLiteVapor is certainly a company that took the time to ensure that all of their ingredients were of the highest quality and that each ingredient was made with pride in the United States.

With NiteLiteVapor e-liquids, you are not restricted to just traditional tobacco flavors. You can enjoy everything from waffle to fruit flavors and everything in between with a simple switch of the cartridge. Other electronic cigarettes have additional flavors too, but they do not even come close to NiteLiteVapor's wide selection of unique and great tasting e-liquids.

A good e-liquid is crucial to your e-cigarette experience. While your e cig certainly needs to work properly, if you do not have a high quality e-liquid that not only tastes good, but provides you with the appropriate nicotine levels, your entire vaping experience may be compromised. That is why NiteLiteVapor has put a great deal of time and energy into creating an e-liquid tailored specifically to each and every individual's unique needs. Experience one of our NiteLiteVapor electronic cigarette liquids today and discover what you have been missing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Say Hello to the New JoyeTech eRoll

Buying an electronic cigarette kit for the first time should feel like a luxury experience. At LiteCigUSA, we strive to bring you the very best products and complete e cig kits that will accomplish exactly that and should be completely frustration free from the very first use. With the introduction of the new JoyeTech eRoll Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, we have made every effort to bring you the utmost luxury and the ultimate in electronic cigarette satisfaction in one kit.

Joyetech eRollThe new JoyeTech eRoll electronic cigarette starter kit comes complete with everything you need for a satisfying electronic cigarette experience. There are no additional chargers or necessary accessories that you will have to purchase. Because everything you need is included at an exceptional value, so you can begin to enjoy your vaping experience right away.

Joye eRoll PartsIn your kit you will find an atomizer cone with two atomizer heads. Also included are two batteries and three eRoll cartridges. Charging your Joye eRoll will never be a problem as the portable charging case comes to you complete with both a USB and wall charger. Additionally, all the information you need to begin using your kit is contained in the included eRoll manual as well.

The eRoll e cigarette is easy to take with you when traveling so you never have to be without it when you leave home. The sleek and unobtrusive styling of the eRoll makes it the perfect accessory for any outing or trip.

We’re very pleased to carry the new eRoll electronic cigarette by Joyetech. As we do with all of our electronic cigarette products, we aim to provide you with competitive pricing and we always strive to provide you with the best customer service. Whether you are treating yourself or giving the JoyeTech eRoll to a loved one, it is an excellent choice.

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