Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liqua Premium Italian Flavored E-Liquids

Liqua Premium Italian Flavored E-LiquidLiqua Smoke Juice is meticulously formulated by some of the best flavorists in the world. Each flavor, be it berry, citrus, menthol or coffee, further enhances any vaping experience. Some flavors are exotic and mimic the taste of your favorite foods like Tiramisu and apple. While others mimic more traditional cigarette flavors like menthol and Turkish tobacco. Additionally, all Liqua e-liquid flavors are approved by renowned flavor specialists in Italy.

Furthermore, rather than continually replacing your old electronic cigarette cartridges, simply refill them. All Liqua e-liquids are sold in perfectly-sized 10 ml squeezable bottles. The silicone spouts found on all Liqua Smoke Juice bottles easily fit into any standard e-cig cartridge too. Each bottle is also made of a high strength, yet soft food grade plastic that will not break or leak. Liqua e-liquid bottles also feature a childproof cap, keeping your e-liquid out of the reach of curious hands.

Liqua E-LiquidsLiqua e-liquids themselves are made from nicotine, natural flavors and food grade glycolics. All ingredients used in Liqua e-liquids also withstand the highest standards of production set forth by United States Pharmacopeia. Additionally, Liqua e-liquids only use the purest Nicotine that’s protected from oxidation during the production process and contains no trace tobacco.

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