Thursday, August 25, 2011

What to Look for in an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

In this post, you’ll learn what to look for in an electronic cigarette starter kit and how to decide which electronic cigarette accessories are right for you.
An electronic cigarette is comprised of three basic parts:

  • The Cartridge: the cartridge is the mouthpiece and this is where the e liquid is held to be vaporized, or “smoked”
    • It’s a plus to look for a starter kit with a few pre-filled cartridges so you can begin your vaping experience immediately
  • The Atomizer: the atomizer is the heating element; it’s responsible for vaporizing the liquid in the cartridge
  • The Power Supply: this is the battery; it provides the juice to heat up the atomizer
In a traditional electronic cigarette starter kit, you will want to find all three elements mentioned above. Sometimes, the cartridge and the atomizer combine to form one unit called a cartomizer. A cartomizer is disposable and typically less expensive on the front end than purchasing a cartridge and atomizer separately. In the long term, it is typically more cost effective to buy a cartridge and atomizer individually as the only maintenance required is refilling the liquid and recharging the battery, whereas with a cartomizer, you are constantly replacing the disposable apparatus.

Beyond the three basic parts to an eCig, you should consider the importance of some of these electronic cigarette accessories in your starter pack:
  • An extra battery: an extra, rechargeable battery is an important perk for an eCig starter kit in order to avoid running out of power
    • A heavy smoker switching to eCigs should expect to run out of battery life in 4-8 hours
    • An average smoker should expect the battery to last up to 24 hours
  • USB cable for charging and passthrough capability: the USB cable is vital if you plan to vape frequently, especially in an office or location which easy access to a USB portal.
    • The USB cable allows you to vape while saving your battery, never cutting off an enjoyable vape session because of power shortages.
  • Wall adapter to recharge the eCigbattery

  • Instruction manual: eCigs are a relatively new creation, and it’s important to make sure you understand the parts and how your eCig works

  • Lanyard to allow for easy transport of your eCig:, a lanyard allows you to carry around your eCig while leaving your hands free

When deciding which electronic cigarette starter kit to purchase, keep in mind your smoking needs and budget. It’s also important to consider how close you’ll be to a power source in order to recharge your battery if needed. For more information about electronic cigarettes and eCig accessories, visit