Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning Your Atomizers

Atomizers are becoming increasingly popular among electronic cigarette enthusiasts as an alternative to disposable cartomizers. However, many people are unsure as to how to properly clean their atomizers. While often overlooked, a properly cleaned atomizer can have a huge impact on your vaping experience, because left over fluid inside your atomizer can cause stale tasting vapor as well as clog up your e cigarette components. It’s also important to note that keeping the adapter area between your e cigarette battery and atomizer clean and free of liquid or build up is essential to the function of your electronic cigarette.

When cleaning the adaptor area, take a paper towel or an e liquid cleaning cloth and gently wipe the threads that connect your battery and atomizer. Ensure that the cloth or paper towel you’re using does not tear, because you want to prevent any particles from entering the heating coil housing. After cleaning the adaptor area, carefully wipe the area around the atomizer’s vent hole as well.

Another often overlooked method for keeping your atomizers clean and functioning properly is to occasionally drain the left over e liquid inside of the atomizer. One method for doing this is to simply disassemble your electronic cigarette and place the atomizer (battery connection side up) onto a paper towel or piece of tissue paper allowing the left over e liquid to drain out. However, this method typically takes a while, but you can also gently blow into the hole where the battery and atomizer connect to speed up this process. As you blow into the hole, you may hear a gurgling sound as the additional e liquid is being cleared from the heating coil. Repeat this process until you no longer hear a gurgling sound, being careful not to inadvertently blow saliva into the atomizer.

Another method of cleaning your atomizer is to soak it in pure alcohol. In order to perform this method, simply disassemble your electronic cigarette and submerge your atomizer for 5 to 10 minutes in a bowl or pot. It’s also helpful to occasionally agitate the atomizer by gently shaking the container. Once your atomizer has been thoroughly soaked, rinse it off with hot water and then allow it to dry for at least 8 hours with the battery contact facing up.

While there are numerous other ways to go about cleaning your atomizers, the methods outlined above will allow you to effectively clean your atomizers with minimal effort. However, always be cautious while cleaning your electronic cigarettes, because these are electrical devices and can be hazardous when not properly maintained or handled.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Refilling your E-Cigarette Cartomizer Using the Push "Condom" Method

electronic cigarette cartomizersCartomizers are continually growing in popularity, but many people are confused about how to properly refill them. At, we sell a variety of electronic cigarette cartomizers including both pre filled and blank cartomizers for various electronic cigarette models.

The push method commonly referred to as the condom method is one of the best methods for refilling your empty cartomizers.

However, we only recommend the push / condom method when using cartomizers with a sealed connector battery, because exposed batteries may potentially be damaged from excessive e-liquid in the cartomizer connector.

  • Step One:
    You will need one of the rubber cartomizer caps/covers without the center seal

  • Step Two:
    Carefully fill the cartomizer cap with the e-liquid of your choice. We recommend filling the cartomizer cap about 1/2 to 2/3s full

  • Step Three:
    Slowly insert the cartridge with the connector end facing towards the cartomizer cap while holding the cap upright. Be sure to insert the cartridge carefully and ensure that you’re not blocking the air hole in the battery connector

  • Step Four:
    Once the cartridge is fully seated in the cartomizer cap, carefully remove the cap with an e-liquid towel or cloth and remove any excess e-liquid from the cartomizer and battery connector area

  • Step Five:
    Enjoy your newly refilled cartomizer!

  • There are several other ways to refill your empty cartomizers such as the drip and pop-a-top methods, but we typically recommend the push / Condom method, because it’s easy and there is nothing to take apart!

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Benefits of the New Joyetech Ego-T

    Joyetech has recently released the second generation of their increasingly popular Ego electronic cigarette. The new Ego-T e-cigarette includes many improvements over its predecessor and is setting the standard for all next generation e cigs.

    The new Ego-T by Joyetech features a revolutionary new filling system referred to as the Tank System. Their new Tank System utilizes a sealed tank unit that drips the e-liquid directly into the cartridge without the use of tissues inside the tank providing you with a higher quality vapor and less hassle. This allows the user to drip without adding e-liquid after every couple of puffs. In addition, the new Ego-T still uses the proven and popular double air circulation system providing an incredibly smooth and consistent hit time and time again.

    Another very appealing feature of the new Ego-T is the battery on / off feature. With the new and improved Joye Ego-T batteries, users can greatly increase battery life by simply switching off their battery when not in use. The new Joye Ego-T unit also features a tapered design which provides a very sleek look and feel.

    Another great benefit of the Ego-T is that the two atomizers provided in the Joye Ego-T electronic cigarette starter kit are interchangeable with the standard Joye Ego. This allows current Joye Ego e-cigarette users who upgrade the ability to use both models.

    Joyetech has been a continual leader and innovator in the electronic cigarette industry. Their long lasting reputation for setting a high standard regarding quality, reliability, functionality and value has created a dedicated following among e cig enthusiasts. If you would like to learn more about the Joyetech Ego-T visit us at

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Atomizers Versus Cartomizers

    What’s the Difference Between an Atomizer and a Cartomizer?

    In the e-cig world, a few pieces of electronic cigarette jargon are needed to make informed ecig purchase decisions. Atomizers, “attys,” and cartomizers, “cartridges” or “carts,” are very different components of an electronic cigarette and should not be used simultaneously. Read this informative comparison on e-cigarettes atomizers and cartomizers to decide which component works best for your vaping needs.
    Any electronic cigarette needs three parts: a battery, a heating device and a place for e-liquid. In both the two-piece and the three-piece ecig models, all three parts to an ecig are represented.
    In a two-piece ecig model, the cartomizer encompasses the heating device and the liquid storage in one piece. The cartomizer then attaches to the battery for easy vaping.
    In a three-piece model, all three parts (the battery, the heating device and the liquid holder) come as separate components. The atomizer (the heating device) attaches to the cartridge (the e-liquid holder) as well as to the battery.
    Cartomizers were created by manufacturers as a two-in-one atomizer/cartridge set because of the high cost of replacing atomizers. Cartomizers were designed to be quick and easy ways to vape because of their disposability and cheap price tag. Many cartomizers come prefilled and are available for immediate vaping because of their simple assemblage; then, when the cartomizer runs out of liquid, just toss out the cartomizer and snap on a new one. Cartomizers are growing in popularity partially because some ecig vapers have found ways to lengthen the life of a cartomizer. A huge perk to using cartomizers is their capacity for 250% more liquid than an atomizer, which lengthens the time of a vape session. The main reason cartomizers are disposable is due to the inability to refill their liquid, but there are ways around that. Many e-cigarette pros have been trying various methods to refill a cartomizer without wasting e-liquid. A common method is using an e-cig cartridge condom to push liquid into the cartomizer. Check out this video on using the cartridge condom method to refill cartomizers.
    In theory, an atomizer and cartridge set last longer than a cartomizer, which explains their higher price tag. Atomizers on general have a lifespan of a few months and require periodic cleaning to prevent e-liquid backup. When the atomizer burns out and stops producing vapor, it is time to buy a replacement. This burn out and purchase represents one of the few recurring costs with electronic cigarettes. In a few forums on e-cigarettes, a couple participants noted that atomizers are ideal for trying out new ecig liquid flavors as they hold less liquid and cartridges with different flavors can be switched out.
    So, what are the pros and cons for atomizers and cartomizers?

  • Pros: cheaper, holds more liquid, can be reused, easier to assemble

  • Cons: not as easy to try out new flavors, disposable

  • Atomizers

  • Pros: better flavor, good for dripping, last longer

  • Cons: more expensive, harder to assemble

  • For a starter electronic smoker, we recommend the Joye EGO Starter Kit, which features the three-piece ecig model (with an atty) or for a cartomizer, check out our cartomizer selection that features blank and pre-filled cartomizers.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    What to Look for in an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    In this post, you’ll learn what to look for in an electronic cigarette starter kit and how to decide which electronic cigarette accessories are right for you.
    An electronic cigarette is comprised of three basic parts:

    • The Cartridge: the cartridge is the mouthpiece and this is where the e liquid is held to be vaporized, or “smoked”
      • It’s a plus to look for a starter kit with a few pre-filled cartridges so you can begin your vaping experience immediately
    • The Atomizer: the atomizer is the heating element; it’s responsible for vaporizing the liquid in the cartridge
    • The Power Supply: this is the battery; it provides the juice to heat up the atomizer
    In a traditional electronic cigarette starter kit, you will want to find all three elements mentioned above. Sometimes, the cartridge and the atomizer combine to form one unit called a cartomizer. A cartomizer is disposable and typically less expensive on the front end than purchasing a cartridge and atomizer separately. In the long term, it is typically more cost effective to buy a cartridge and atomizer individually as the only maintenance required is refilling the liquid and recharging the battery, whereas with a cartomizer, you are constantly replacing the disposable apparatus.

    Beyond the three basic parts to an eCig, you should consider the importance of some of these electronic cigarette accessories in your starter pack:
    • An extra battery: an extra, rechargeable battery is an important perk for an eCig starter kit in order to avoid running out of power
      • A heavy smoker switching to eCigs should expect to run out of battery life in 4-8 hours
      • An average smoker should expect the battery to last up to 24 hours
    • USB cable for charging and passthrough capability: the USB cable is vital if you plan to vape frequently, especially in an office or location which easy access to a USB portal.
      • The USB cable allows you to vape while saving your battery, never cutting off an enjoyable vape session because of power shortages.
    • Wall adapter to recharge the eCigbattery

    • Instruction manual: eCigs are a relatively new creation, and it’s important to make sure you understand the parts and how your eCig works

    • Lanyard to allow for easy transport of your eCig:, a lanyard allows you to carry around your eCig while leaving your hands free

    When deciding which electronic cigarette starter kit to purchase, keep in mind your smoking needs and budget. It’s also important to consider how close you’ll be to a power source in order to recharge your battery if needed. For more information about electronic cigarettes and eCig accessories, visit

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Our Top 5 Most Popular Electronic Cigarette Flavors!

    One of the most exciting aspects of vaping is the personalization of your e cigarette. No matter what type of smoker you are – frequent or casual – you can find the right style of e cigarette, and since e cigs are available in a variety of sizes and colors (the pink Joyetech eGo anybody?) you can make sure that your personal vaporizer will stand out in the crowd just as much as you do!

    The best way to maximize your vaping experience is to select the flavors you like most for your electronic cigarette. Our customers love our huge selection of e cig liquids from top brands like Dekang, Americano and High Caliber. Between these three e liquid manufacturers, we have over 100 unique, delicious flavors from which to choose! Here are some of our customer’s favorite flavors, maybe you can discover something new for you too!

    High Caliber Banana Split

    Many of our sweeter, fruit and candy flavors are popular as dessert substitutions amongst our customers. Pop in our delicious banana split e liquid by High Caliber and enjoy a tasty, calorie-free, after-dinner luxury!

    High Caliber Smooth Cuban

    Love the taste of a quality Cuban cigar but hate the smell? Love the rich flavors but hate the rich price? Our Cuban-inspired flavored e liquid from High Caliber gives you that full-bodied cigar aroma and flavor without the expense, the stench, or the legality concerns! Fans of this delicious, robust electronic cigarette liquid swear they can’t even taste the difference from the original!

    Dekang USAMix

    The classic, earthy taste of American tobacco comes alive in this hearty e liquid by Dekang. We love the wholesome, gritty flavor of this e liquid and so do our customers – this has been a consistently popular flavor for months. If you love this aromatic, spicy tobacco e liquid, we also recommend the Dekang Dark Tobacco e liquid.

    High Caliber American 55

    Much like the Americano Tobacco we previously mentioned, this vaping liquid hones in on the complex flavors of classic American tobacco. Many of us who vape prefer the classic flavors of cigarettes for our personal vaporizers instead of the more adventurous flavors which is what makes the American 55 such a delight.

    Dekang Cool Menthol

    Inspired by the classic taste of traditional menthol cigarettes, this crisp, cool menthol e liquid is one of our top sellers during the hot summer months. A perfect vaping option when it’s warm outside, the Cool Menthol by Dekang offers a refreshing way to enjoy your personal vaporizer. Mint has long been used as a palate cleanser and we recommend this as an excellent option for an after-dinner palate cleanser!

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    The Development & History of Electronic Cigarettes

    Developed in 2003, the electronic cigarette is still a relatively new development, especially considering the long history of its tobacco progenitor! The e cig was born in China, where its creator, Hon Lik, wanted a smoking alternative to the traditional cigarette.

    Lik, a pharmacist, inventor, and avid smoker, created the very first electronic cigarette model and presented it to the company for which he worked, Golden Dragon Holdings who recognized a golden idea when they saw it and immediately began developing the device. Shortly thereafter, the company renamed themselves Ruyan, a word meaning “like smoke” in Chinese. Today, Ruyan is still one of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world.

    Businessman Greg Carson is typically credited with introducing personal vaporizers and e cigs to the Western world after their initial success in Asia. By 2006, the electronic cigarette had arrived in Europe where it quickly gained popularity in the UK and other nations; in fact, their success was so enormous that the British parliament had to pass legislation legalizing the use of electronic cigarettes in public!

    In recent years, ecigs have been available in the U.S via a variety of online outlets and stores. The success of e cigarettes online has been stupendous, and via word of mouth and the endorsement of celebs who love their personal vaporizers, the electronic cigarette is taking the U.S by storm!

    In recent years, much of the media attention has revolved around the debate about whether electronic cigarettes are less damaging than traditional cigarettes. Although the jury is still out, many national and global health organizations have stated views from both ends of the spectrum. For example, although the World Health Organization proclaimed that e cigs are not viable smoking cessation tools, a study by Health New Zealand identified extremely low levels of toxicants in e cigs, such that they fall below harmful levels, and deemed these products a safer alternative to smoking.

    Today, a variety of e cig manufacturers populate the industry, offering everything from small, disposable cigarette models to all inclusive kits. The market has also expanded to offer a huge variety of flavored liquids for your e cigarette – from apple to coffee to classic menthol. Any smoker can find the perfect cigarette and flavor at the right price, especially with the huge selection of e cigarettes online.

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Electronic Cigarettes in Mainstream Media

    In old Hollywood, the glamor of the cigarette was readily apparent. From starlets to leading men, the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age were constantly lighting up, but these days the It Girls and Heartthrobs of the silver screen are choosing to light up in a completely different way.

    Celebs and E-Cigs

    It’s not a surprise that celebrities love their cigarettes; tabloids and paparazzi are consistently churning out photos of a TV star smoking outside NY’s new bistro or a Golden Globe winner enjoying a cigarette on the beaches of Malibu. The newest trend, though, is sleek, cost effective, and reusable – the e cigarette is taking Hollywood by storm!

    In recent months, more and more a-list celebs have been spotted enjoying their favorite electronic cigarette. In September of last year, Katharine Heigl made an appearance on the David Letterman show where she pulled out her electronic cigarette and proceeded to smoke on the show! Letterman, himself an avid cigar smoker, also tried the e cig on air.

    Several of the celebrities that have been spotted with personal vaporizers were once fans of the traditional cigarettes, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Petty, Ryan Seacrest, Kate Moss, and Taryn Manning.

    E Cigarettes in the Movies

    E cigarettes broke into the mainstream at the end of 2010 with the release of the Angelina Jolie-Johnny Depp action thriller, The Tourist. In a pivotal scene of the film, Frank (Johnny Depp) smokes an electronic cigarette on a train while speaking to Elise (Angelina Jolie). He goes on to explain some of the benefits of vaping – no smell, no left over cigarette butts to dispose of, and that they can be used in a car, train, or in your home. We’d also like to add that they-re cost effective – after purchasing your personal vaporizer or e-cig kit all you need to spend money on are replacement cartridges! Some models even offer reusable cartridges which reduce costs even further!

    Growing Popularity

    With the presence of electronic cigarettes ever increasing in films, TV, and in magazines, it should be no surprise that they are becoming more popular in general and news outlets are picking up on this new trend too! We expect to see a continued rise in the popularity of personal vaporizers so don’t be surprised if you see more film featuring them!

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    E Cigarettes: State Laws & More

    What is electronic smoking? Is it legal? Can I vape where others are smoking traditional cigarettes?

    These and other similar questions are fielded by us here at LiteCig USA so often that we’ve decided to compile a comprehensive list of laws and information so you can safely use your personal vaporizer and know your rights!

    Since smoking e cigs is considered the same as smoking traditional cigarettes here in the U.S, many of the pre-existing smoking regulations still apply. For example, if your city prohibits smoking within 10 feet of a store or restaurant entrance, you must comply even if smoking an electronic cigarette.

    No Ban Laws

    Some states have no statewide tobacco laws. These states include: Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Generally, it is up to the manager of the facility to post smoking rules and designated areas, however, some counties or cities have specific regional regulations that you must comply with. For example, even though Texas does not have restrictive laws on smoking, Austin (the state’s capital) prohibits smoking within bars and restaurants and requires smokers to be at least 10 feet from any entrance.

    Bars/Restaurants Exempt Laws

    The following states have statewide laws on smoking; however, smoking is permitted in bars and restaurants: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Arkansas has a statewide ban on smoking in all enclosed spaces not including bars. Make sure you are familiar with local laws as individual cities may have their own regulations!

    Bars/Restaurants Non-Exempt Laws

    Non-exempt laws mean that smoking is prohibited in bars and restaurants – that is, bars and restaurants are not exempt from these laws. States that have these laws include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

    The state of Arizona has a statewide ban of smoking in enclosed workplaces and within 20 feet of an entrance of a workplace. This includes bars and restaurants and exempt in private residences, tobacco stores, private clubs and outdoor patios. Be sure to check with the specific city or country in which you are staying as they may have specific local laws surrounding the use of tobacco products!

    Although many of these laws have been in effect for quite some time, it is important to stay up-to-date with any changes in the legality of smoking so that you are able to enjoy your electronic cigarette safely and legally. For example, just recently the city of New York changed their regulations to prohibit smoking in public parks, beaches, boardwalks, pedestrian plazas, public pools, and recreation centers. Be knowledgeable of your state’s laws, and if you are traveling with your e-cigarettes be sure to brush up on the local laws of your destination!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    Traveling with Electronic Cigarettes

    Although electronic cigarettes have been on the market for about ten years, the laws and regulations surrounding them are oftentimes vague or undefined which can cause problems during travel. We have compiled some frequently asked questions regarding air travel with e cigs to make sure you have all the necessary information when taking a trip with your personal vaporizer!

    Can I take e liquids on the place?

    Per TSA rules, you can take any liquids on the aircraft (including cigarette liquids) as long as they are 3.4 oz or less. Make sure that your e liquids are stored in a container that is commercially labeled with the volume of the liquid (3.4 oz or 100mL). Make sure to place the e liquid in a clear Ziploc or plastic bag with any other liquids you may have (shampoo, etc).

    What about batteries?

    Batteries are allowed in checked luggage, but are usually frowned upon in carry-on bags. We recommend storing batteries with your personal vaporizer parts and dispatching it to avoid any problems.

    Can I carry my vaporizer on the plane? What about using it?

    Up until recently, most airlines did not have restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes in the aircraft; however, this is changing and as of spring 2011 the Department of Transportation is to institute an official ban on the use of e cigs in planes.

    Of course, you can still travel with your PV, but we recommend packing it in checked luggage to avoid any issues or run-ins with TSA agents. Invest in a quality cigarette travel case which can securely store your PV, atomizers, cartridges, charger and all other parts or pieces. Alternately, if you purchased an electronic cigarette kit, these usually come with some sort of case or package which you can use to store your belongings for flights.

    If you use your vaporizer frequently and know that you’ll need a smoke upon landing, you are still legally allowed to pack e cigs in your carry on. Be sure to disassemble the vaporizer and pack each part (atomizer, cartridge, etc) separately.

    What items are prohibited?

    The TSA has a comprehensive list of prohibited items at TSA: Prohibited Items. We also recommend checking in with your airline to see if they have any specific rules (American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Jetblue)! As far as international carriers are concerned, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Japan Airlines and KLM have all announced that e cigarette use is not allowed on their flights although passengers may store their vaporizers in dispatched luggage.

    Monday, January 31, 2011

    Electronic Cigarette Glossary

    Nothing is more intimidating to new e cig users than the slang and vocabulary used in the industry and by long-time users. We hear people talk about “vaping” and “cartomizers” and to the uninitiated it may sound like a secret code! LiteCig USA has put together a beginner’s glossary of electronic smoking terms to help familiarize you with some of the aspects of vaping:

    Analog Cigarettes: this term refers to the original cigarette with tobacco wrapped in paper, either with or without a filter.

    Atomizer: The heating portion of the cigarette which vaporizes the liquid into a steam that can be inhaled. This electric component turns the nicotine solution contained within the e-cigarette into vapor. It is general lithium ion, ranges in size and has an LED light on the end that glows when it is activated, ie. when it is inhaled upon. Manual switched batteries have a button to activate rather than activation upon inhalation.

    Battery: Element of the cigarette which provides energy and power.

    Cartomizer: Combination of cartridge and atomizer in one. These are typically not refillable.

    Cartridge: Plastic tube-like piece that holds the liquid, usually saturated in some absorbent material. These contain the propylene glycol solution which produces the vapor of the electronic cigarette. Cartridges may be one-time use or refillable.

    Charger: Much like a phone charger, the e cigarette charger is used to charge your battery once it has been used.

    Disposables: Refers to disposable electronic cigarettes. These models are used until the eliquid has been used and then thrown away.

    E Liquid: Also known as e-liquid or e juice. Liquid nicotine solution for the electronic cigarette, typically offered in a variety of flavors. These liquids are saturated in the wick and vaporized by heat in the atomizer which turns them into the inhalable vapor we smoke.

    E Cigarette: Also know as an electronic cigarette, these cigarettes use a battery charged atomizer to vaporize liquid which it then inhaled as vapor.

    LED: The light at the end of the cigarette. This lights up when the user inhales, resembling an the burning of an analog cigarette. Depending on the model, the LED may convey information to the user about the battery, i.e. flashing when the battery is running out or glowing green to show it is fully charged.

    Mini-Cigarette: Smaller than the average e-cigarette, the mini-cigarette is actually the same size as the average e-cigarette.

    Mouthpiece: Resembling the cigarette butt on an analog cigarette, this is the part that contains the cartridge. When attached to an atomizer, the user is able to inhale the vapor created from the vaporizing of the eliquid.

    Nicotine Level: This is the amount of nicotine present in the eliquid and is usually measured in mg/ml. Be sure to note whether the amount is per cartridge or for an entire bottle.

    Pen Style: A model of electronic cigarette, known for its resemblance to a pen. See: The DSE 801 and the Joye 510.

    Personal Vaporizer: A alternative name for the electronic cigarette.

    Throat Hit: The sensation the smoker gets when the vapor enters the throat. This sensation varies depending on the cigarette model and the flavor of the eliquid.

    Vaping: The process of using your personal vaporizer, electronic cigarette. Another terms for electronic smoking. The term vaping separates the process of using an electronic cigarette from traditional cigarettes as e cigs involve inhaling a vapor.

    Wick: Cloth or other absorbent material in which the eliquid is contained.