Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Benefits of the New Joyetech Ego-T

Joyetech has recently released the second generation of their increasingly popular Ego electronic cigarette. The new Ego-T e-cigarette includes many improvements over its predecessor and is setting the standard for all next generation e cigs.

The new Ego-T by Joyetech features a revolutionary new filling system referred to as the Tank System. Their new Tank System utilizes a sealed tank unit that drips the e-liquid directly into the cartridge without the use of tissues inside the tank providing you with a higher quality vapor and less hassle. This allows the user to drip without adding e-liquid after every couple of puffs. In addition, the new Ego-T still uses the proven and popular double air circulation system providing an incredibly smooth and consistent hit time and time again.

Another very appealing feature of the new Ego-T is the battery on / off feature. With the new and improved Joye Ego-T batteries, users can greatly increase battery life by simply switching off their battery when not in use. The new Joye Ego-T unit also features a tapered design which provides a very sleek look and feel.

Another great benefit of the Ego-T is that the two atomizers provided in the Joye Ego-T electronic cigarette starter kit are interchangeable with the standard Joye Ego. This allows current Joye Ego e-cigarette users who upgrade the ability to use both models.

Joyetech has been a continual leader and innovator in the electronic cigarette industry. Their long lasting reputation for setting a high standard regarding quality, reliability, functionality and value has created a dedicated following among e cig enthusiasts. If you would like to learn more about the Joyetech Ego-T visit us at


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