Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ego C Twist – It’s what you’ve been missing!

Have you heard about the new Ego-C Twist from Joye? If not, I’m glad you’re learning about it now. Rarely would we use the word revolutionary but in this situation it’s fitting. It’s exactly what we’ve all been waiting for in an electronic cigarette!

It’s all about the eGo-c Twist battery. It actually allows you to change your vaping voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V in one second, with one twist. Such a big change from the normal battery in the 3.2-3.4v range unless you wanted to change batteries! No extra chargers or batteries are necessary with the Joyetech Ego-C Twist and it’s compatible with all other eGo-T and eGo products. It’s still a very compact, manageable size and shockingly affordable – only $25-$28 depending on whether you get 1000 mah or 650 mah.

All the familiar characteristics are still there just with an added twist. It uses the original 5 click setting on and off feature to save battery energy when you’re not using the eGo-c Twist Battery. The only visual difference is the small dial on the end with eight small etches displaying .2V increase options. Its long lasting battery power should also be mentioned –hours of vapor with one charge!

We’re not over exaggerating. Variable voltage is the feature we’ve been missing and it’s finally here thanks to Joyetech for making the Ego C Twist. Not only does the battery’s high capacity lead to hours of hassle free vaping; it even has short circuit protection so your battery will automatically shut down once a short is detected. Just remove the short and you’ll be back to full functioning capacity. You can lock the Go-C Twist battery with 5 quick clicks of the button for optimum power saving ability. Once your charge is completely exhausted the LED light will blink 5 times indicating you need to charge it back up.

Can you imagine the convenience? You’re enjoying your customary e-cigarette break with your favorite E-liquid flavor when you decide it would really be better appreciated at a higher voltage produced vapor. Instead of becoming frustrated because you need to replace the battery which might not be with you or if it, it might not be fully charged – just turn the little dial at the end of your Ego C Twist and inhale. Since it saves money, time, space and stress, we haven’t found a negative yet. Has anyone here tried it yet? Let us know what you think!