Monday, November 21, 2011

Refilling your E-Cigarette Cartomizer Using the Push "Condom" Method

electronic cigarette cartomizersCartomizers are continually growing in popularity, but many people are confused about how to properly refill them. At, we sell a variety of electronic cigarette cartomizers including both pre filled and blank cartomizers for various electronic cigarette models.

The push method commonly referred to as the condom method is one of the best methods for refilling your empty cartomizers.

However, we only recommend the push / condom method when using cartomizers with a sealed connector battery, because exposed batteries may potentially be damaged from excessive e-liquid in the cartomizer connector.

  • Step One:
    You will need one of the rubber cartomizer caps/covers without the center seal

  • Step Two:
    Carefully fill the cartomizer cap with the e-liquid of your choice. We recommend filling the cartomizer cap about 1/2 to 2/3s full

  • Step Three:
    Slowly insert the cartridge with the connector end facing towards the cartomizer cap while holding the cap upright. Be sure to insert the cartridge carefully and ensure that you’re not blocking the air hole in the battery connector

  • Step Four:
    Once the cartridge is fully seated in the cartomizer cap, carefully remove the cap with an e-liquid towel or cloth and remove any excess e-liquid from the cartomizer and battery connector area

  • Step Five:
    Enjoy your newly refilled cartomizer!

  • There are several other ways to refill your empty cartomizers such as the drip and pop-a-top methods, but we typically recommend the push / Condom method, because it’s easy and there is nothing to take apart!