Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Traveling with Electronic Cigarettes

Although electronic cigarettes have been on the market for about ten years, the laws and regulations surrounding them are oftentimes vague or undefined which can cause problems during travel. We have compiled some frequently asked questions regarding air travel with e cigs to make sure you have all the necessary information when taking a trip with your personal vaporizer!

Can I take e liquids on the place?

Per TSA rules, you can take any liquids on the aircraft (including cigarette liquids) as long as they are 3.4 oz or less. Make sure that your e liquids are stored in a container that is commercially labeled with the volume of the liquid (3.4 oz or 100mL). Make sure to place the e liquid in a clear Ziploc or plastic bag with any other liquids you may have (shampoo, etc).

What about batteries?

Batteries are allowed in checked luggage, but are usually frowned upon in carry-on bags. We recommend storing batteries with your personal vaporizer parts and dispatching it to avoid any problems.

Can I carry my vaporizer on the plane? What about using it?

Up until recently, most airlines did not have restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes in the aircraft; however, this is changing and as of spring 2011 the Department of Transportation is to institute an official ban on the use of e cigs in planes.

Of course, you can still travel with your PV, but we recommend packing it in checked luggage to avoid any issues or run-ins with TSA agents. Invest in a quality cigarette travel case which can securely store your PV, atomizers, cartridges, charger and all other parts or pieces. Alternately, if you purchased an electronic cigarette kit, these usually come with some sort of case or package which you can use to store your belongings for flights.

If you use your vaporizer frequently and know that you’ll need a smoke upon landing, you are still legally allowed to pack e cigs in your carry on. Be sure to disassemble the vaporizer and pack each part (atomizer, cartridge, etc) separately.

What items are prohibited?

The TSA has a comprehensive list of prohibited items at TSA: Prohibited Items. We also recommend checking in with your airline to see if they have any specific rules (American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Jetblue)! As far as international carriers are concerned, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Japan Airlines and KLM have all announced that e cigarette use is not allowed on their flights although passengers may store their vaporizers in dispatched luggage.


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  2. You can use e-cigarettes anytime, anywhere. That's why most people tend to have one in their pocket. I still prefer ordinary cigarettes though, maybe because I got used to them.

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  3. Just to clarify, the TSA actually does NOT recommend putting batteries in your checked luggage. They request that you put them in your carry on. http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/batteries.shtm

  4. can I carry my e cig battery and nicotine cartrages together in a cigarette case, if I seperate the battery from the cartrages, I dont want to smoke it on the plane anyway.

    1. smoking of electronic cigarette is approved by many countries governments.so its easy for use at the time of traveling at any where.its very smokless and also a fire less cigarette so its allowed at traveling mostly.
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