Friday, December 3, 2010

The Joye eGo: Why It’s Popular, Why You Should Choose It

If you’re in the market for a new electronic cigarette and have been doing some research online about products and models, you’ve probably noticed all the hoopla surrounding the Joyetech eGo e cig. Perusing e cigarette sites and forums, it becomes abundantly clear after a while that the eGo is taking the electronic smoking world by storm!

The popularity of the cigarette is not without reason, as many loyal fans will attest to, and the eGo is a great cigarette for both new electronic smokers and seasoned e cig smokers alike! For the novice, it offers a pleasant transition from smoking traditional cigarettes while experienced electronic smokers will notice the subtle improvements in the eGo over the 510 that make smoking this cigarette so enjoyable!

This cigarette has been a hit since it launched earlier in 2010 and is still the premier PV (personal vaporizer) available on the market – take a look at our top 5 reasons why you should choose the Joyetech eGo!

Reason #1: Battery Life

Loyal eGo users gush about the amazing battery life on this Joye e cigarette! Unlike older models or cheap knock off versions, the Joye eGo battery lasts for several hours. On average, it can last 7-8 hrs with heavy usage or up to 72 hours with low to moderate usage. That means that infrequent smokers needn’t worry about charging or changing their batteries for up to 3 days potentially!*

Additionally, the battery charges very quickly – on average 1.5 hrs! You could pop it in after work and be ready for a relaxing smoke after dinner time!

Reason #2: Smoking Experience

Many smokers switch to electronic cigarettes because of the overall improvement in the smoking experience. Traditional cigarettes can often be harsh on the throat and lungs, but electronic cigarettes are typically less  rough on sensitive areas. Additionally, e cigarettes eradicate the foul smell associated with traditional cigarettes and eliminate the harmful output that can hurt those around us.

The Joye eGo takes all of these improvements a step further by providing a great throat hit, plenty of vapor production and rich flavors!

Reason #3: Trusted Brand

Joyetech has been a leader in the electronic cigarette industry for many years so you know that you are purchasing quality when you purchase their products. The eGo, in particular, is a state of the art piece of smoking equipment that combines efficiency, pleasure and design in one smooth, sleek atomizer.

Reason #4: Easy to Switch

If you’re considering a switch to the eGo but are hesitating because you still have a 5 pack of cartridges for your 510 cigarette, don’t worry, the 510 atomizers and cartridges are compatible with the eGo making the switch that much easier!

Reason #5: Bang for your Buck

With the extended battery life, ability to continue using your 510 cartridges and more intense, full-bodied flavor, the Joyetech eGo is a cigarette that packs way more bang for your buck. For the same price as most other starter kits, the Joye eGo kit includes 2 atomizers, 2 cones, 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, 1 USB wall adaptor and so much more. Check out everything included here!

*These numbers are averages attained via testing and cannot be guaranteed, each user will experience their own level of battery life dependent on usage.

Shawn Probst is the owner of LiteCig USA, an online purveyor of genuine Joyetech smoking products and other name-brand electronic cigarette supplies. Visit our store to fulfill all your electronic smoking needs!


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