Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unleash your E-Cig Creativity with Smoktech

A few years ago when electronic cigarettes first popped up on the market they were immediately seen an innovative new approach to smoking. Shortly thereafter, e-cig enthusiasts began tinkering with various e cigarette models to deliver more power, control and an overall better vaping experience. Smoktech, makers of the Original patented 510 Dual Coils Tank, have recently released a new array of e-cigs and MODs which literally put the total vaping experience in your hands.

Smoktech GripperSmoktech’s Gripper Variable Voltage APV is the latest in the variable voltage line of e-cigs that truly give full control to the vaper. With its digital control buttons, you are able to adjust the voltage of the e-cig to the desired level to achieve the power you need. The Smoktech Gripper will also display the resistance of any 510 atomizers or cartomizers that is used in conjunction with the unit.

The Gripper uses a single 18650 battery, which if fully charged should provide a day’s worth of vaping power. The up and down buttons allows any voltage between 3v and 6v to be confidently attained to ensure the most satisfying vaping experience possible.

Smoktech E-PowerIf you are looking for a do-it-all portable electronic cigarette, look no further than Smoktech’s E-Power 14650 kit. This all-in-one e-cig powerhouse includes 2 massive 4.5ml dual coil cartomizers, a vented 14650 battery tube and 2 14650 1050 mah Li-ion rechargeable batteries complete with a universal Li-ion battery charger.

The replaceable components of this e-cig will allow you to easily swap batteries and change the cartomizer when you desire a different flavor explosion. The sophistication of the E-Power e-cig continues with a printed circuit board (PCB) replaceable switch assembly which provides an unmatched level of vaping control.

Smoktech TeleScopicSmoktech’s interchangeable e-cigarette designs are not limited to the E-Power and Gripper models. Their TeleScopic and Bolt MOD models let your e-cig imagination run wild. These AVP’s allow you to incorporate the cartomizer of your choice with the TeleScopic being fully compatible with most EgO, and 510 atomizers and cartomizers.

The TeleScopic’s fully mechanical and adjustable design allows for a wide array of Li-Ion, IMR, or protected Li-Ion batteries to meet your voltage needs. The aircraft gradealuminum Bolt model is suitable with all of the 510 atomizers and cartomizers LiteCigUSA carries. The reliable Bolt is a great starter MOD whose battery extender (sold separately) will increase the power of the unit from a 18500 Li-Ion battery to the more powerful and longer lasting 18650 sized battery.

No matter if you decide on the complete E-Power 14650 e-cig kit, the accuracy of the Gripper or the adaptability of the TeleScopic and Bolt models you will not be disappointed with the quality and performance you have come to expect from Smoktech e-cigs and


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