Thursday, June 11, 2015

Product Spotlight: KangerTech SubTank Series

With so many e-cigarette products out there on the market today, it can be hard to find equipment and accessories from more trusted brands in the industry. As one of the earliest e-cig manufacturers, KangerTech has been a leading innovator of vaping products since 2007, firmly cementing itself as one of the most established brands in the industry.

One of the most revolutionary things to come from KangerTech in recent years has been their SubTank series. Featuring a wide range of interchangeable products and pieces, the SubTank series introduces a whole new level of customization for vapers to enjoy. Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces in the collection that we think every smoker would appreciate having as a part of their setup.

Kanger OCC Atomizer Head
kanger occ atomizer headAtomizer heads are responsible for helping produce the vapor, so they are perhaps one of the most important features of an e-cig. When smoke production is weak or if you notice a stale flavor, it’s time to replace the head. A special kind of build that isn’t compatible with all units, the Kanger Organic Cotton Coil atomizer head makes a great replacement for those that have other SubTank series equipment. The innovative use of Japanese organic cotton as the wick allows for better flavor and vapor production, which is exactly what vapers look for.

What sets this atomizer head apart from the rest is the fact that it is interchangeable with the mini RBA in SubTank units. Beginners can start out with this standard atomizer head, but have the option of unscrewing the OCC head and attaching the mini RBA to enjoy all the excitement of building their own wicks and coils.

Available in both .5ohm and 1.2ohm resistance, this replacement head is a favorite among enthusiasts and works great with Minis and Nanos in the SubTank family. If purchasing the .5ohm coil, be sure to use in a mechanical mod or in a variable wattage mod that is capable of at least 30 watt output. It is also recommended that you use 6mg e-liquid to avoid a burnt or harsh taste.

Kanger Mini RBA
kanger mini rbaUnlike atomizers that are ready to go straight out of the box, RBAs are intended for use by more experienced vapers that want to create their own wicks and coils to customize their setup. Featuring easy e-juice filling and new air flow control, the Kanger Mini RBA is a great choice if you want to modify your SubTank with different coils and wicks for a perfectly tuned vaping experience.

Using a rebuildable atomizer can do damage to your setup, so be sure that not only your unit is compatible, but that you are well equipped enough to handle building it out.

Kanger SubTank Mini Hybrid 
For use with both the OCC atomizer head and the mini RBA, the Kanger Subtank Mini is a hybrid tank that gives smokers the freedom to customize their unit with just a few twists. Square in shape and fairly small in size, the SubTank Mini still packs a 4.5mL liquid capacity. The large capacity tank is built from durable Pyrex glass and an innovative adjustable airflow system allows you to enjoy the performance of a sub-ohm dripper just how you like it.

kanger subtank miniThis unit will only work on mechanical mods or variable wattage mods that are capable of at least 30 watt output when using sub ohm coils.

Before purchasing any of these products, be sure that your unit is compatible and can handle the resistance load to avoid damage to your vape.


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