Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Fill Your Smoktech Dual Coil Tank

Dual coil tanks have become fairly popular among electronic cigarette enthusiasts for their big throat hits, warm vapor production, full flavor, extended lifespan and viewable e-liquid. Smoktech has recently decided to take on this increasingly popular electronic cigarette add-on with their very own dual coil cartomizer tank, the Smoktech Ego Dual Coil Tank (DCT).

Smoktech’s Ego DCT features a 3.5ml or 5ml clear acrylic tank constructed with Polypropylene which is considerably more durable and resilient to cracks in comparison to tanks that use Polycarbonate. Additionally, the Ego DCT also includes a pre-cut 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer and a drip tip too. The bottom end-cap also features an indentation for the proprietary flange on the included Smoktech cartomizer which keeps the tank properly aligned and prevents the carto from slipping. While Smoktech’s dual coil tank isn’t the most stylish option available, its low price point and wide availability should make this a popular add-on for many electronic cigarette users.

Filling the Smoktech Dual Coil Tank

Unlike some of the other dual coil tanks on the market, the Smoktech DCT must be filled from the top due to the special flange on the bottom end. To fill the DCT, simply remove the top cap and slowly fill the tank or carefully slide the cartomizer down until an e-liquid syringe will fit between the opening of the top cap and the cartomizer.

If you’re filling the tank for the first time, it’s also important that you fill the cartomizer as you would a normal carto as well. Although the tiny hole in the cartomizer can easily keep it sufficiently lubricated, it isn’t quite large enough to initially fill/saturate the carto with e-liquid. However, allowing your tank to sit over night or gently swirling the tank in a circular motion may alleviate the need to manually fill the cartomizer for the first time.

Once the tank has been filled, it performs similar to that of a standard dual coil cartomizer and produces a great vapor that any e cig enthusiast will enjoy. To learn more about Smoktech Dual Coil Tanks or electronic cigarettes in general, visit us at


  1. Cool stuff, thanks for sharing! I have been an electronic cigarette user for close to two years now and there is no turning back for me! No tar, no ash, no odor, what could be better.

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