Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vision Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank System

The Vivi Nova Tank System by Vision is the latest electronic cigarette innovation to hit the market by storm. Following the wild success of the Smoktech dual coil tank, Vision has recently released their take on the e-cigarette tank cartomizer.

Vision Vivi Nova TankAnyone who has ever used a Vision Stone CE2 tank will see many similarities in the Vivi Nova. For those of you not familiar with the CE2, the Vivi Nova tank system takes a modular approach to the e-cig tank cartomizer. The Vision Vivi Nova Tank consists of a top cap, drip tip, plastic tank featuring graduated markings and a bottom assembly which includes the heating coil and air tube pieces. The top and bottom sections of the tank are also threaded allowing the end caps to easily be removed. However, the biggest difference lies in the Vivi Nova’s heating assembly.

The Vivi Nova incorporates a thick center cylinder that features a 510 threaded female connector designed to receive a special Vivi Nova atomizer head. The atomizer head is one of the most distinguishing features of the Vivi Nova. The idea is that you can easily and quickly replace a bad atomizer. This new feature will also allow you to quickly swap our heads with different resistances as well.

Vision Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank System Pros
  • Modular design
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Simple refilling
  • Can easily be modded
  • Includes three different atomizers

  • Cons
  • Device may require break-in period
  • Slightly inconsistent performance with high resistance heads

  • Overall, Vision’s innovative Vivi Nova clearomizer tank system is packed full of excellent features. With its changeable heads, modular design and simple refilling, we expect the Vivi Nova clearomizer to be a hit amongst e-cigarette enthusiasts everywhere.


    1. I got this from my wonderful girlfriend for my birthday ( I actually think she got it for herself but was bigger than she expected) .. The thing works and hits awesome.. can fit almost a full 10 hours worth of juice in the tank and have been using the same atomizer for 2 weeks and it hasn't lost anything yet.. is alittle awkward with the eGos but still works great.. seems to work and feel the best with my box mods .. good product overall

    2. What is a box mod? Josh Murray was talking about!

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