Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do It Yourself (DIY) E-liquid

electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes or e-cigs are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. They contain e-liquids that usually contain nicotine and an added flavor.

If you need e-liquid, you have the choice of purchasing it from various outlets, but you can also mix your own e-liquids. Mixing your own e-liquids not only saves you money, but also allows you to truly customize your vaping experience.

Ingredients for Mixing E-liquid
Before you set about mixing your own e-liquid, you must ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients. They include a plastic dropper, e-liquid syringe, flavored or unflavored tobacco liquids and glycerin. Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerins are normally the best glycerin for this process. You may also need some distilled water. However, tap water or drinking water could also suffice. It is also okay to add various additives to your e-liquid mix as well.

Mixing the E-liquid
After you have gathered all of the necessary ingredients, it is time to begin the mixing process.

  • Begin by pouring the flavored or unflavored nicotine liquid into your mixing container or e-liquid syringe. Next, pour an equal or slightly greater amount of glycerin into the container. Please note, this is a general mixing tutorial and does not include measurement calculations for exact nicotine levels.

  • Add your favorite e-liquid flavors as needed

  • Shake the mixture well until it attains a consistent appearance

  • If your e-liquid seems too viscous (thick) add a small amount of distilled water and continue mixing

  • Once the e-liquid has been thoroughly mixed, pour the contents into your e-liquid drip bottle and enjoy!

  • Important Safety Precautions while Making E-liquid
    It's important to protect yourself while preparing e-liquids. You should always avoid touching the nicotine liquid with your bare hands. Using a pair of gloves is highly recommended.

    E-Liquid BottleAlso, avoid ingesting the nicotine e-liquid. If this happens, you should seek medical attention immediately. In addition, as a preventive measure, always keep the e-liquid bottle out of reach of children or pets.

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