Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Automatic vs. Manual E-cig Batteries

When selecting a new electronic cigarette, one of the bigger decisions you’ll have to make is whether to outfit your e-cig with an automatic or manual battery. Let’s review the pros and cons of using both of these types of batteries for your e-cigarette.

Advantages of Automatic E-Cig Batteries

An automatic e-cig battery is very simple to use. Simply take a drag and the battery will work in conjunction with the atomizer to produce vapor. Once the computer chip inside recognizes that you have finished taking a drag, it will shut itself off after a few seconds. It’s a quick and easy process that allows your smoking experience to very closely resemble a real cigarette. This makes the use of automatic batteries very popular with new e-cig users.

Disadvantages of Automatic E-Cig Batteries

Due to the automatic shut-off feature of automatic batteries, the amount of times you can drag from your cigarette is reduced. Additionally, automatic batteries only produce small amounts of vapor. For a longer drag, you’ll have to prime the battery by inhaling deeply a few times.

When using an automatic battery, you run the risk of the battery failing due to circuitry issues. Should some of your e-liquid leak into the battery, it could short out and the battery would be rendered useless. The reason this is more prevalent in automatic batteries is due to the fact that they are not made with a sealed design. Additionally, automatic batteries have been known to be triggered by the environment. Loud noises or heavy winds could make the battery think you’re taking a drag and start draining its charge.

Advantages of Manual E-Cig Batteries

A manual e-cig battery gives you more control over your vaping experience, but does require the additional step of pressing a button to use the battery before you can inhale. Unlike automatic batteries, manual ones are completely sealed which prevents them from ever short circuiting due to an e-liquid leak.

Disadvantages of Manual E-Cig Batteries

Like any kind of device that includes buttons, a manual battery can go off accidentally. When in your pocket, for example, a manual battery could drain its charge. On a whole, the charge of a manual battery does not last as long as an automatic, resulting in less time spent smoking and more time spent charging.

Making a decision on which type of battery to use in your e-cig doesn’t need to make or break your vaping experience. A wide variety of electronic cigarette kits are available in both styles of battery to suit your needs which allows you to adjust your battery preference in the future.


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