Monday, March 31, 2014

Is a Passthrough Battery a Good Choice?

Several vapers have made the choice between manual and automatic batteries when it comes to designing a more custom rig, but what about passthrough batteries?

What is a passthrough battery?

A passthrough battery is a manual e-cigarette battery that charges itself using a standard USB connection.

Benefits of Passthrough Batteries

KR808D-1 manual USB passthrough batteryPassthrough batteries are extremely convenient when you’re on the go or stuck at your computer doing work. Able to plug in just like modern smartphones, these batteries keep you from running out of juice when you’re away from your vaping supplies. A passthrough battery eliminates the need to spend money regularly on manual or automatic batteries and prevents run-ins with faulty batteries. With a USB battery, you can lengthen the life of the battery the more you charge it up, thus turning it into an economical and long-term investment.

Downsides to Passthrough Batteries

If you plan to use a passthrough battery in your car, you’ll have to buy a separate adapter to convert your 12v outlet into a USB outlet. As with any USB connection, they tend to wear out over time. Replacement wires will be needed depending on your vaping habits. Some users report occasional issues with the batteries not functioning properly with specialized sizes of clearomizers or cartomizers, so be sure to do your homework before making a purchase!

The majority of passthrough battery users enjoy the convenience and simplicity of them. They are perfect for the office or the car, and they save money on having to replace more traditional batteries. Do some research and see which style of battery works for your vaping needs!


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