Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is a Drip Tip?

As the e-cigarette revolution continues to grow, vapers are finding new ways to create a more pleasant experience. One element that's gaining popularity is the use of drip tips. These mouthpieces offer several benefits over traditional e-cigs.

Traditional E-Cigs vs. Drip Tips
The traditional e-cigarette uses a battery-powered atomizer and a liquid-filled cartridge that also contains some fiber or foam wicking material. When the cartridge is attached to the atomizer - in cartomizers, they're already combined - the liquid-soaked fiber touches the atomizer's bridge, which then heats the liquid to produce vapor.

A drip tip is essentially a reusable, hollow tube that attaches directly to the atomizer and eliminates the need for a cartridge. Instead, the user adds a few drops of liquid through the center of the drip tip directly onto the atomizer's bridge. New atomizers might require three or four drops to produce adequate vapor while ones that have been used for a while may only need a couple of drops at a time; this could vary with different brands or sizes. Each addition of liquid produces anywhere from five to eight inhalations, depending on how much vapor is drawn each time.

Benefits of Drip Tips
Drip tips have several benefits that create an enhanced vaping experience:

Better Flavor: Both the plastic material of a cartridge and its wicking material can slightly distort vapor flavor, adding an unpleasant taste to the liquid. Using a drip tip removes both these elements for improved flavor.

Quick Use: Instead of detaching a cartridge and inserting a new one when refilling, the user adds drops directly to the atomizer as needed. Additionally, the liquid converts into vapor much quicker than with traditional methods because it doesn't go through any wicking material.

Eliminates Direct Liquid Contact: With a drip tip, there's no chance of liquid from the cartridge getting directly into someone's mouth.

Unrestricted Vapor Flow: Normally, vapor has to travel through a cartridge's small opening, which can mean diminished flow. A drip tip allows for greater flow because vapor travels directly through the hollow mouthpiece.

Less Clogging: Using a drip tip cuts down on clogging in the atomizer thanks to the direct application of liquid.

Style and Customization: Drip tips come in plastic or metal, in a variety of colors and in different shapes. This allows users to customize e-cigarettes to suit their personal preferences. For instance, someone might choose several drip tips in varied colors to match different flavored liquids.

A Couple of Drip Tip Drawbacks
The drawbacks with drip tips are fairly minor. Mainly, a vaper must carry a bottle of liquid for necessary, regular refills. It also takes a bit of practice to learn how much liquid to add and how often. Too little liquid on the atomizer and it creates irritating, dry vapor; this can also damage an atomizer. Too much liquid and the e-cig overflows; however, once learned, this issue disappears. Lastly, drip tips often work only with their own brand of e-cig, which can be limiting.


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