Thursday, June 2, 2016

Best Vapes for the Biggest Clouds

Cloud chasing has become one of the most popular types of vaping these days, with plenty of enthusiasts looking for that next hot setup that will help them blow the biggest plumes possible. The selection of a lot of components comes down to personal preference and experience, but if you’re looking for vapes that produce the most vapor, here are a few models to keep in mind.

Sigelei 213W variable mod

It all starts with a variable mod

A good variable mod gives you tons of control when it comes to your setup’s output. The safety features included are also great for making sure your rig doesn’t overheat or short circuit. Our selection includes starter kits and high-wattage options for beginners and veterans looking for a powerful mod in a compact box. Pair it with a sub-ohm tank and you’re golden.

Pay attention to your coils

Anyone who likes to customize has opinions about which type of coils they prefer to use for a variety of reasons such as aftertaste and heating capabilities. If you’re going to create a setup with a variable mod, do not use nickel or titanium coils on your mod! Go with organic cotton coils for great taste, vapor production and protection of your setup if you’re changing voltage/wattage output on the fly.

Give an RDA a try

A rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) will help you chase huge clouds, no problem. We recommend one such as 528 Custom’s GOON due to its bridge-style build deck that accommodates nearly any size of build and its deep juice well. If you’re on a budget, the UniCig Mutation X V5 is in stock and features traditional side airflow as well as redirect top airflow systems.

528 Custom GOON
UniCig Mutation V5
Choosing the best vapes for cloud chasing really comes down to personal preference, but as long as your setup features tried-and-true parts and components such as cotton coils, a variable mod, max VG e-juice, a strong sub-ohm battery and an RDA, you’ll be producing huge vapor clouds in no time. What pieces do you swear by when you’re chasing clouds? Share in the comments section below!


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