Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why You Should Try Steeping Your Vape Juice

steeping vape juice

Let’s say you bought a bottle of a brand new flavor of e-juice you’ve been itching to try. You open it up, drip some into your setup, take a drag and…it doesn’t taste like you’d hoped. Before you decide the flavor isn’t for you, you should try steeping the vape juice to improve its flavor.

So why steep vape juice? By thoroughly mixing your e-juice, the various ingredients will be more evenly blended and taste better as a result. Flavor comes down to personal preference, but the longer you let your e-juice steep, the better it will taste. That means letting the bottle rest for a while before using it. So how tricky is it to steep e-juice? It’s fairly simple to do, and there are plenty of methods.

The simplest method is shaking the bottle vigorously to blend the separated ingredients back together. The downside to this method is it can take a while if you’re trying to achieve a really rich flavor. Some people who use this tactic have said they let the bottle sit for days if not weeks before use. If you’re short on time, another simple tactic is putting your e-juice in a plastic bag, placing the bag in a water-filled crock pot, and then turning the pot to the warm setting and checking it every couple of hours. A variation of this swaps out the crock pot for hot water running from the tap. You can also leave your vape juice inside your glove compartment on a hot day and give it a try a few hours later.

Whichever method of steeping you use comes down to your own preference and patience, but steeping vape juice helps discover new levels of flavor from the same bottle. What may seem like a weak strawberry-banana flavor today can be steeped and turn into a rich, complex flavor in a few days. Steeping definitely lets you get the most out of your e-juice and find something that fits your palate. What method for steeping vape juice do you prefer to use? Share it with us in the comments below!


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